Articling Students

Starting your career as a Student-at-Law

WITTEN LLP provides qualified law school graduates with comprehensive and varied articles.The year of articles is a very important year in the career of an aspiring lawyer. During that year, the student will receive basic training in the practice of law, which will serve as the foundation of his or her legal career. The articling year also provides an important opportunity for the firm to get to know and assess the student's skills.

Under the principalship of a senior lawyer and the supervision of a specified lawyer in each department, students spend approximately one half of the period of articles working in our litigation department and the balance of their articles working in our solicitors and corporate/commercial departments. Every effort is made to provide students with quality work in virtually all major areas of the law.

An education plan is reviewed at the beginning of articles with a mutual evaluation done midway through the year. Students are encouraged to review and discuss periodically with their principals and supervisors the practice checklist published by The Law Society of Alberta.

WITTEN LLP also recognizes the demands placed on students by the Bar Admission Course. Successful completion of the Bar Admission Course is the first priority and we provide students with the cooperation and resources they need to be successful.

We are aware of the challenges facing prospective lawyers in today's market. We are also cognizant of the need for law firms to tap into new sources of energy, skill and enthusiasm. We welcome the opportunity to meet with qualified law school graduates, and extend an invitation to contact us at WITTEN LLP.

2015-2016 Articling Students

WITTEN LLP is pleased to have had Brittany Harty and Andrea Steen join the firm as associates following completion of their articles in September 2016.  

2017-2018 Articling Students

Witten LLP is pleased to welcome Brooklyn LeClair, Shaheer Meenai, and Maryna Vysotski as articling students for the 2017-2018 articling year.