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Conveyancing, Claims and Audit Administrator apply now

Applications are being accepted for a Conveyancing Paralegal / Claims Administrator to work within a busy foreclosure department. The individual will work independently post-foreclosure to disburse all sale funds and prepare claims to mortgage insurers with a detailed audit of the foreclosure action. Responsibilities include disbursing all cash to close proceeds to the appropriate parties, preparing statements of monies received and disbursed, completing initial and secondary financial audits of the action, reporting to mortgage insurers, completing a detailed audit report to the client on the action and the distribution of all sale proceeds, and preparing the detailed final audit and report to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial institutions. The successful candidate must have experience in financial accounting and be very detail and numbers oriented. Experience in claims auditing is an asset. This is a fast-paced position requiring excellent organizational and time management skills. All applications are appreciated but only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.