Wills, Estates and Estate Planning

WITTEN LLP has a long tradition of assisting clients with estate matters. Our practice offers advice and support in all areas of estates from will planning, estate freezing, enduring powers of attorney, personal directives, dependant adult matters and trusts to estate administration.

Upon accepting an estate administration file, varying levels of service are put into motion. We begin by assisting the executor or administrator in applying for probate or administration. We help to gather and distribute estate assets, advertise for creditors, and claim life insurance and pension benefits. We also represent trustees, executors and beneficiaries of contested estates in estate litigation.

Many of our clients have a special need for complex will preparation and the restructuring of their estates through estate freezing or other mechanisms. Our estate group is proficient in all these areas, and many members of the firm have lectured at Canadian Tax Foundation seminars, Bar Admission courses, Canadian Bar Association seminars, and Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants courses.

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Acheson, Leigh, Associate

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Dolgoy, K.C., Leonard M., Partner

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Hiebert, KC, David J., Partner

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Wakeling, K.C., Audrey A., Partner

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Simons, Sherry D., Associate

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