Commercial Litigation

WITTEN LLP provides counsel to individuals and corporations involved in all manner of business disputes. Our litigation lawyers have appeared at all levels of Court in Alberta and the Supreme Court of Canada, and have experience in alternate dispute resolution methods including arbitration and mediation. We have acted as arbitrators and mediators to resolve disputes.

We have assisted clients in dealing with investigations, providing education, training and policy development, and appearing at commission and board hearings and appeals.

Our experience and expertise in all areas enables us to serve the needs of our clients effectively, economically and efficiently. Although this experience spans a range of areas, we are widely recognized for our work in the following areas:

  • Contract and Commercial Disputes
  • Negligence
  • Banking law
  • Securities
  • Environmental
  • Product liability
  • Construction
  • Insurance law
  • Estates
  • Planning and Development
  • Franchising
  • Intellectual Property
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Real Estate
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Bachmann, Nolan, Associate

P: 780-701-3253 F: 780-429-2559
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Chau, Stephanie C., Partner

P: 780-441-3230 F: 780-429-2559
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Clarke, Annemarie, Partner

P: 780-702-8581 F: 780-429-2559
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Furs, Edward A., Partner

P: 780-441-3247 F: 780-429-2559
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Kelly, Liam C., Partner

P: 780-702-3410 F: 780-429-2559
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Lew, Ellery C., Partner

P: 780-441-3209 F: 780-429-2559
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Luft, Andrea, Associate

P: 780-701-3139 F: 780-429-2559
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Mageau, Justine, Partner

P: 780-701-3734 F: 780-429-2559
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Marks, Spencer, Associate

P: 780-701-3145 F: 780-429-2559
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Moodley, Renn M., Partner

P: 780-441-3238 F: 780-429-2559
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Snider, Riley, Partner

P: 780-701-3758 F: 780-429-2559
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Sniderman, K.C., Howard J., Partner

P: 780-441-3203 F: 780-429-2559
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