Banking & Financial Institutions

Throughout the history of WITTEN LLP, we have represented a variety of banks, trust companies and financial institutions in all aspects of their corporate and business affairs. Our experience in this field and our extensive client base speak for themselves, and we are proud to represent most Canadian financial institutions.

Our involvement, beyond the necessary corporate and strategic planning stages, includes all aspects of loan documentation - from initial commitment through to security preparation and, if necessary, realization.

WITTEN LLP's experience in this area is also an asset to the firm's clients seeking advice relating to their relationships with their lenders. We provide guidance on letters of credit, secured and unsecured financing, debtors' and creditors' rights and bankruptcy and receivership matters.

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Calvert, Jonathan C., Partner

P: 780-702-3402 F: 780-429-2559
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Farnell, Catherine A., Managing Partner

P: 780-441-3210 F: 780-429-2559
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Fersovitch, Danica, Associate

P: 780-701-3751 F: 780-429-2559
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Harty, Brittany, Associate

P: 780-701-3778 F: 780-429-2559
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Reist, Gary, Counsel

P: 780-441-3237 F: 780-429-2559
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Tang, Ada, Partner

P: 780-701-3775 F: 780-429-2559
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Vaillant, Eric, Partner

P: 780-701-3745 F: 780-429-2559
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