Construction Law

Witten LLP’s Construction Law practice group provides reliable and effective legal services for all aspects and all levels of complexity of construction and infrastructure projects. Our dedicated team of solicitors and litigators has the experience and expertise to serve all needs of clients, including owners, contractors, investors, and others industry participants.

Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide comprehensive legal advice and guidance throughout the construction process, including at the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases by providing strategic advice in respect of procurement, contract preparation, project management, contract administration, and dispute resolution.

We strive to assist clients in identifying potential issues early in construction projects. When issues do arise, we relentlessly advocate for our clients in all types of construction-related disputes, including breach of contract, delay claims, construction deficiencies, design and workmanship defects, builders’ liens, and force majeure claims. Our team of litigators has significant experience at all levels of court and arbitration, including experience with complex multi-party litigation involving major construction infrastructure projects in Alberta.

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Appelt, KC, Garry, Counsel

P: 780-441-3224 F: 780-429-2559
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Clarke, Annemarie, Partner

P: 780-702-8581 F: 780-429-2559
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Furs, Edward A., Partner

P: 780-441-3247 F: 780-429-2559
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Lambert, Keltie L., Partner

P: 780-441-3206 F: 780-429-2559
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Lew, Ellery C., Partner, Trademark Agent

P: 780-441-3209 F: 780-429-2559
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Luft, Andrea, Partner

P: 780-701-3139 F: 780-429-2559
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Mageau, Justine, Partner

P: 780-701-3734 F: 780-429-2559
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Marks, Spencer, Associate

P: 780-701-3145 F: 780-429-2559
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Moodley, Renn M., Partner

P: 780-441-3238 F: 780-429-2559
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Pollock, David, Associate

P: 780-441-3201 F: 780-429-2559
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Snider, Riley, Partner

P: 780-701-3758 F: 780-429-2559
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Sniderman, KC, Howard J., Partner

P: 780-441-3203 F: 780-429-2559
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Stratton, Patrick, Partner

P: 780-701-3820 F: 780-429-2559
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