Debt Recovery & Realization

The Debt Recovery & Realization team at Witten LLP is one of the largest in the Province of Alberta and has a depth of experience that provides our clients with unparalleled service.

Witten LLP’s Debt Recovery & Realization practice group provides solutions and services to our many clients.  We provide services across the Province of Alberta to various financial institutions, individuals and private creditors.

Our diverse and experienced team offers innovative, cost effective and comprehensive solutions to all of our clients’ enforcement needs, and can tailor those needs based on our client’s requests, from taking specific steps on instruction to full-service management of an entire portfolio. 

Our Debt Recovery & Realization Services includes:

  • Creditors remedies
  • Bankruptcy, receiverships and insolvency
  • Security enforcement
  • Debt realization
  • Mortgage enforcement and foreclosure services
  • Eviction
  • Oversee property management
  • Real estate management, including listing, sale and conveyance
  • Prepare claims to mortgage insurers
  • Assign judgments to third parties
  • Demands for payment
  • Debt collection, recovery and judgment
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Forced sale of land
  • Garnisheeing wages and bank accounts
  • Personal property security realization
  • Priority disputes

Please contact one of our Debt Recovery & Realization professionals for more information.

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Chau, Stephanie C., Partner

P: 780-441-3230 F: 780-429-2559
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Davis, Sarah K., Associate

P: 780-701-3776 F: 780-429-2559
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Frame, John M., Partner

P: 780-702-3404 F: 780-429-2559
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Lumsden, Kalen, Associate

P: 780-701-3777 F: 780-429-2559
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MacLean, James R., Retired

P: 780-441-3225 F: 780-429-2559

Mohr, Coralie J., Partner

P: 780-441-3236 F: 780-429-2559
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Reid, Gregory D., Partner

P: 780-441-3205 F: 780-425-0769
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Shafir, Steven M., Partner

P: 780-441-3222 F: 780-429-2559

Snider, Riley, Associate

P: 780-701-3758 F: 780-429-2559
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Steen, Andrea, Associate

P: 780-441-3228 F: 780-429-2559
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Steen, Bud, Counsel

P: 780-441-3207 F: 780-429-2559
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Wensel, Q.C., Schuyler V., Counsel

P: 780-441-3204 F: 780-429-2559
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Yasinski, Gary, Counsel

P: 780-441-3212 F: 780-429-2559
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