Employment & Labour Law

WITTEN LLP provides legal representation and advice to individuals, businesses, associations and trade unions dealing with employment matters.

Our range of services reflects each important stage of the employment process, from start to finish. Beginning with the review and drafting of employment contracts, to advising on dismissal and negotiating severance packages, WITTEN LLP's experience has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients.

Employment issues can be complex and there are often a number of organizations involved during each stage of the process. To support our clients along the way, we provide advice on many other areas of employment including W.C.B. claims, human rights issues, employment insurance, pensions, disability claims, and group insurance.

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Chau, Stephanie C., Partner

P: 780-441-3230 F: 780-429-2559
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Clarke, Annemarie, Partner

P: 780-702-8581 F: 780-429-2559
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Lambert, Keltie L., Partner

P: 780-441-3206 F: 780-429-2559
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Mageau, Justine, Partner

P: 780-701-3734 F: 780-429-2559
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Marks, Spencer, Associate

P: 780-701-3145 F: 780-429-2559
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Moodley, Renn M., Partner

P: 780-441-3238 F: 780-429-2559
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Snider, Riley, Partner

P: 780-701-3758 F: 780-429-2559
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Stratton, Patrick, Partner

P: 780-701-3820 F: 780-429-2559
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