Insurance Claims

Suffering a personal injury can often have far-reaching and unforeseen consequences on the lives of many accident victims. To address these issues, WITTEN LLP provides comprehensive service to individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice situations, job related injuries, product liability cases, and falls or injuries as the result of a property owner's negligence. We also serve individuals needing assistance with a variety of other insurance claims, including disability.

Physical ailments are often just a fraction of the distress caused by injury or disability. Individuals may also have emotional and psychological problems that trigger many out-of-pocket expenses, including loss of income, medical expenses and property damages. In addition, the ability to perform household chores, yard work and child care are often compromised. These claims have an immediate impact, and their effects and subsequent problems may continue well into the future.

We are committed to addressing each and every concern of the injured parties during the vital period of recovery. To ensure our clients are given the energy to recuperate, we dedicate ourselves to contacting witnesses, gathering evidence, consulting with medical and other experts, dealing with insurers and ultimately negotiating a settlement or taking the matter to trial.

We encourage clients requiring these services to contact WITTEN LLP as soon as possible after the initial injury since a successful claim often depends on timely and efficient involvement.

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