Shopping Centre Development

WITTEN LLP represents some of the Canada's premier shopping centre developers in all aspects of their business, from land acquisition, assembly and redistricting to planning, tenant mix, leasing, financing and sale. Our representation includes leasing activity for the most significant shopping centres in Edmonton, Calgary and elsewhere in Western Canada. Our expertise has earned us a reputation throughout the country for the development of efficient and effective shopping centre leases.

Members of our firm lecture extensively at local, national and international leasing and industry seminars, and many have published articles that address various aspects of development, planning and leasing.

Our representation does not limit itself to national developers. We regularly advise and assist numerous regional and local developers, landlords and property managers in all development aspects of commercial real estate. This includes completion of standard form offers to lease, leases for shopping centres, office buildings, strip malls and warehouses, preparation and review of documents and the interpretation and application of these documents in each possible circumstance.

We also address a variety of commercial leasing issues that affect current business operation and future growth. Our experience spans all aspects relating to the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of commercial leases in shopping centre, office and warehouse developments. Clients requiring this service generally include groups directly affected by leasing issues, including developers, financial institutions, landlords, property managers and tenants.

Our professional affiliations include the Building Owners Management Association and the International Council of Shopping Centres.

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Calvert, Jonathan C., Partner

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Farnell, Catherine A., Managing Partner

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Kramer, Emma-Lee, Associate

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Ohayon, Sharon A., Partner

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Reist, Gary, Counsel

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